Do You Have the Right Window Treatments for Summertime?

Prepare for glare and heat before the summer arrives.

Alta External Solar Shades are perfect for patios and sunrooms.

Our hot Hampton Roads Summer is right around the corner and if your windows are not prepared you might have five months or more of glare and overheating. By investing in some Solar Shades, Honeycomb/Cellular Shades and Outdoor Shades you can keep your home comfortable all summer long. All of these window shades help to protect your home from the harsh effects of the sun whether it is UV rays, blinding glare or hot temperatures. Keep in mind these shades work best for different areas of your home.

Stop the Glare and Preserve Your View

Solar shades are capable of reducing glare, preserving views and limiting solar heat gain. They are a type of roller shade that come in a range of screen openness factors allow you to choose how much light control you desire. If you have a window with a view, solar screens are the perfect choice because they can still allow you to see out while blocking harmful UV rays coming in. They also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home by keeping it cool and reducing your energy bills for air conditioner use. Solar screens are available in a range of fabrics, colors and patterns.

Keep the Cold In and the Heat Out

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades are great for home insulation and improving energy efficiency. This is important in the summer when you want to insulate the inside of your home from the outside heat as much as possible. Maintaining cool temperatures makes your home much more comfortable especially for small children and pets. Better insulation will also obviously help to lower your energy bills by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Take it Outside

Outdoor shades (also known as External Shades) are perfect for your patios and sunrooms. Any outdoor style room where you still want some level of light control and privacy will be a good fit for outdoor shades. They reduce glare, limit heat gain and block damaging UV rays, while staying put in the wind with optional guides and hold-downs. Also, these outdoor shades are a great way to improve the appearance of your patio or sunroom. It helps to create a more finished look for those outside areas that often lack definition and home styling. The outside of your home should reflect the décor on the inside of your home especially in the summer months when guests will spend most of the time enjoying the nice weather.

Enhance Your Summer with New Window Treatments

Overall, these custom window shades from Just Right Window Treatments are all helpful in either protecting us from the sun or improving the energy efficiency of your home. Don’t let summer sneak up on you without having your home windows prepared! Give us a call today at 757-955-7999 to get started with your Free In-Home Consultation.

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