Illuminate Homes with Shadings & Sheers

An introduction to Alta Window Shadings and Vertical Sheers.

Alta Window Shadings are an elegant and functional option.

If you are in the market to update your window treatments, consider the unique and versatile beauty of Alta shades and sheers. Window Shadings and Vertical Sheers are available in wide range of styles, colors, light control levels, and functional options, making these window treatments an excellent choice for any decor. Focused on the enhancement of light throughout the home, Window Sheers and Vertical Shadings will provide you with unparalleled levels of light diffusion that will transform your home. At Just Right Window Treatments, let us show you the functional beauty of these elegant window treatments so you can illuminate your home with sheers and shadings.


Alta Window Shadings are elegantly crafted and feature soft and adjustable fabric vanes that are suspended between a front and back layer of sheer fabric. Not only do these two layers of sheer fabric function to provide light diffusion throughout your home, they also give these window treatments a completely unique look that will wow any guest in your home. Also available in a range of modern colors, these shadings are perfect for any home that would benefit from the extra natural light.


Alta Vertical Sheers are an innovative and unique take on a traditional vertical blind. Perfectly designed for use with wide expanses of windows and sliding glass doors, this window treatment comes in a stunning array of soft, drapery-like fabrics to soften up your entire home. Featuring soft, rotating vanes that are attached to a layer of sheer fabric, Vertical Sheers can rotate open to allow for more sunlight but still provide soft light diffusion for an illuminated feeling. Operating from a singular top track, which is concealed by a sleek and modern headrail, these window treatments will provide you with a functional and modern window treatment that will enhance your room with light and efficiency.

Providing you with excellent levels of light control and diffusion, as well as a range of privacy options, Alta Window Shadings and Vertical Sheers are perfect for keeping your home feeling secure without having to worry about blocking natural light.

Let Just Right Window Treatments Help Add These Fashionable Window Treatments To Your Home

If you are interested in transforming the natural light in your home with any of these Alta window treatments, the experts at Just Right Window Treatments can help. Proudly serving all of Southeast Virginia, Just Right Window Treatments is locally owned and operated and can provide you with the best possible service. Call 757-955-7999 today and schedule an in-home consultation to get started on transforming the windows in your home.

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