Patio Door Window Treatment Options

Here are your solutions for this tricky window challenge.

Vertical Honeycomb Shades are an elegant and functional option.

Usually there is at least one sliding door or set of French doors leading to the backyard, deck or patio in every home. While vertical blinds are mainly the traditional choice for these large sliding glass doors, there are other choices for adding privacy and controlling light with your patio door blinds.


The three main types of window treatments for sliding glass doors are vertical blinds, panel track shades, and vertical cellular shades. Each type has features that make them well suited for different needs.

How they work

Vertical blinds are the most common type and have multiple hanging slats. Verticals for sliding doors work the same way as for other windows, with one control for the rotation of the slats and one for opening and closing.

Panel track shades for doors also feature hanging panels. The difference is that they are very wide and lie flat to the window and slide back and forth in channels. These panel track shades are available in a wide selection of materials normally found only on shades, including woods, matchstick grasses, solar fabrics, and other materials and patterns.

Vertical cellular shades are the third option for sliders. Made from a honeycomb shaped material that expands and collapses both the left and right side are movable with handles, allowing the shades to open left or right. A center split is also available.

Privacy and Light Control

All three types of these window treatments offer privacy. Vertical blinds offer almost full-proof privacy and when closed except for the tiny gaps between each slats. Panel track and vertical honeycomb light control and privacy depend on the material selected, whether it is sheer or blackout.


Blinds can stack or gather on either side of the window so you typically want to match the way your door opens. You’ll need to add extra width to your ordered size if you want an unobstructed view when the blinds are completely open. If you do not add extra width the stack of slats will necessarily block part of your window when pushed all to one side.


These made to measure patio door window treatments are all custom fit and work better then off the shelf, off brands and the options are much more diverse. Patio door blinds are a very popular topic in the world of window treatments yet many shoppers are unaware of the options. Hopefully this post has provided you with some valuable information to help your decision making process.

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